This product was developed under DOS in 1995/1996. The shareware version has only prophecies of Nostradamus, while the registered version has prophecies of many other prophets, including biblical, apocryphal, written by popes, priests, and religious people. It's a reasonable part of the book "The Future of the World" (written and published in Brazil), while the idea is basically the same, although it has less information. The version 2, developed in 1997, has near 1Mb (still runs under DOS since I didn't have many registrations) and the registered copy near 2.0Mb (version 1.0 only). It's not a wonderful or complete study about Nostradamus or prophecies, but a curious one, at least.

The shareware can be downloaded at It probably still has mistakes of English.

Send me an e-mail if you have questions about this shareware