The human civilization is just a few thousands of years old, according to archaelogy, but legends and myths about the past tells us a lot of stories. Stories on past pole shifts and on the future one. Prophetical stories of a war which will destroy the civilization some day. From many parts of the world and from different times. I started my research on prophecies in 1989 (so far 17 years) and I published a book. A Canadian reviewer with Master in Religion and thesis in prophecies loved it. If you think you may be interested, please write to therebox@yahoo.com. The price is US$ 25 and I will send in PDF format.

Many prophecies were telling that something strange would happen in 1999 or 2000. Were the prophecies wrong? Yes, some of them were. But not all. And was Nostradamus prophecy about 1999 wrong? Maybe not... Is not Putin is the king of Angoulmois? Are we close to the third world war? Will the pole shift occur near 2000, maybe in 2012? Is that what the old prophets called end of the world? Is that what scientists called pole shift? BUY MY 17 YEAR RESEARCH STUDY AND SEE BY YOURSELF.

I have consulted and read more than 500 books on prophecies. So I know a little what I am talking about. There were false prophecies (like people create virus just to create problems to others) and many texts considered prophecies were not prophecies due to different reasons - misinterpretation of the viewer, for example. But there are also some fulfilled prophecies and history can show it. I will try to show quickly in this page that some prophecies have been fulfilled. I would like to add some others which were false prophecies and were not fulfilled but it will done in a future time.

Perhaps Nostradamus (1503-1566) most famous prophecy is the following one, the quatrain X.72, which says:

"L'an mil neuf cent nonante neuf sept mois,
Du ciel viendra um grand Roy d'effrayeur
Ressusciter le grand Roy d'Angoulmois
Avant après Mars regner par bonheur."
Or that is to say:

1999 and seven months,
From the sky will come a great frightening King
The great King of Angoulmois lives again
Before after Mars rules for happiness

What can you understand from these words? It is not talking a war will being in July of 1999, neither about the end of the world. I believe you can understand the same I can, the quatrain is about a king (leader) who will appear in July of 1999. Mars is usually interpreted as war, but let´s forget it for while and just pay attention to the first 3 lines.

There is an indication of time in one line and twice a king was mentioned. The prophecy was certainly about the appearing of a king, or a world leader. The unknown Vladimir Putin appeared in the international scenario in August 9th of 1999 as Prime Minister and became President suddenly in the last day of 1999, while 1999 turned up side down shows the number 666. Strange, is not it? In the day 11th of August of 1999, a cross appeared in the sky and it was also seen by some as a strange omen. But Nostradamus say seven months. What about the difference of 9 days between the "7 months" of Nostradamus and the real date Putin became arrived in power?

This difference is explained by the difference of callenders used in Nostradamus time and ours. The Gregorian calendar, which is the one we use today, started to be used in October 1582, some years after Nostradamus death. Nostradamus lived during a period when the Julian calendar was used and when the calendar change happened, 10 days were inserted in the calendar, so the day after 4th of October in 1582 was 15th of October. This difference of 10 days means that our 9 of August was the 30th of July in Nostradamus epoch. 1999 and seven months exactly. Why did Nostradamus write in our calender - if he knew so much? Well, he never wrote clearly anyway. This prophecy is perhaps the most accurate of our planet if we consider it was predicted near 450 years ago.

And who is the King of Angoulmois? The king of Angoulmois was the king of France during Nostradamus life. He came from a small province called Angouleme and Angoulmois was the capital. It appears in books published in the 16th century in France. The king Francis I was also Duke of Angouleme. He spent his time trying to make war against many Europeans countries, at that time, united under the rule of Charles V, and the King of Angoulmois did alliance with Muslims. Charles V had control over Spain, Germany, Holland, part of Italy, and some other European countries, including all the Spanish America. So the King of Angoulmois was an European leader (Putin is European) who fought united Europe and did alliance with Muslims.

Putin is European has done some some contacts with Muslims countries which has indicated there is some kind of alliance already, even with Irak. He is the unique son from a couple who had 3 kids, but only Putin survived. He was born in 1952, seven years after the 2nd World War. His father, who combated during the 2nd War as a volunteer, almost died there and got injuried for the rest of his life and could not walk perfectly. His mother also almost died during the 2nd War, even being confounded with dead corpses in Leningrad. From this almost dead couple came Vladimir Putin. Vlad in a old European language means the demon. Is the anger who moves Putin? One of his Russian biographers thinks so.

Benjamin Solari Parravicini was the most famous Argentinean (perhaps South-American) prophet who did many fulfilled prophecies including the "artificial heart would be created in 66" which happened accurately. One of his prophecies said:

"The NY stock market will be on the ground during the 90s".

While many old prophets said that a international crises would be one signal of the 3rd War, this "ground level" was achieved, in a certain way, at the last year of the 90s, which is 2000. Since our calendar does not had the year 0, our counting started on year 1 and the first decade finished only after the end of year 10. The first century also did finish only after the year 100 while the first millennium ended after the year 1000. So, the end of the 1990 decade, 20th century and 2nd millennium is after the year 2000. The year 2000 should be considered part of the 90s. During 2000, the Nasdaq level came from 5000 points to 2500 and US$ 3 trillion vanished from the market. In the past 70 years, only 1929 NY index fall was more accentuated. Was it wrong? Anyway, it is 2001 and the Nasdaq is at 1500 points, another 1.5 trillion dollars disappeared.

What about the pyramid prophecy? Could it have to do with the Twin Towers disaster? The larger Egyptian prophecy has an imaginary line inside it and, after an association of inch - year is done, this line finishes, according to some, in September 17th 2001. The Twin Towers disaster was in 11th, but the NY stock reopen only on September 17th. Was this an indication the stock index will go down? I could be said some prophecies preview the end of capitalism and a new and equal system in the future.


The North-American prophet Edgar Cayce said that a pole shift would happen in the future and that this has already happened in the past, destroying, for example, Atlantis, which is found also in Plato writings. He said that a slow pole shift would happen between 1948 and 1998 and mentioned the years 2000-2001 for the great sudden pole shift, which would bring destruction and deaths through earthquakes and ocean flood due to the ice melting.

At the end of 2000 and even beginning of 2001, many world leaders were discussing about "earth changes" happening in the planet, specially the "global heating". The world is not suffering a global heating but a slow pole shift as Cayce predicted which is letting the temperature hotter in some places and colder in other places. This can be shown for the following reasons:

1) Ice melting. There are people who can testify this. Places in Canada where 50 years ago were plenty of bears and seals are not today because as the native says, the ice is disappearing. More detail can be found on News articles even on Internet (abcnews etc.). The ice is moving since the water level is not growing, otherwise the water level should change, this is obvious.

2) Temperature maps provided by satellites. Clearly, part of the North hemisphere is becoming hotter while also clearly, part of the South hemisphere is becoming colder, specially Australia, South Africa and the south part of Argentina, Brazil and Chile. What can be seen is that, approximately, since 1950 from 2000, very close to the years provided by Cayce, the temperature started to change in some cities located in the extreme south, for instance, or in some regions in the North hemisphere. There is approximately a difference of 2 years between Cayce predictions and what Nasa maps show today so, we can consider the 2001 Cayce pole shift should be a little after, perhaps 2004-2006, if we consider he was not accurate for near 2-3 years.

3) Plato said in Critias that many deluges happened in the past, not only one as we have registered and that many civilizations were destroyed. Pyramids were found underwater near Japan. Only a legend as many lost and found cities?

4) Mammoths were found in the North Pole while they had tropical vegetables in their stomach. What were they doing there?

There are some prophecies being fulfilled. In prophecies of Nostradamus, we can find verses saying that "6th of February will give killing" (probably referring to Israel vows in 2001) and "deluge near the new bovine pest" saying that near the time of a cow disease (mad cow probably) the huge flood will happen again.

Even Jesus Christ says some things on Luke 21 on what seems the pole shift when he mentions there will signs in the sun, moon and stars. The new land and new sky could happen once the Earth suffers a pole shift. In fact there are legends (found in old books) that in the beginning (before last pole shift) the sun was appearing in West, not East.

Sir Conan Doyle (the creator of Sherlock Holmes) researched on spiritualist messages about these natural phenomena for near 7 years. In July 20th, 1930, the London Sunday Express published a letter where he summed up the messages he had seen:

"If we expose the course of happenings as they are mentioned in many old documents and we compare them with our information, the result is astonishing. It would come a period of terrible natural convulsions, during which a large part of the human race would disappear. Earthquakes of great violence and huge sea waves would probably be the agents. There is mention to war, but only would happen in the initial phases and would constitute in a certain way the crises signal. The following general extracts show some information:

Be sure false prophecies are also present in mankind history. But true prophecies also.

In general terms, we can note the prophecies are saying the following:

- A world economic crises
- Civil wars and conflicts in some countries in US and Europe
- The Third World War, which some prophets said would break out from a small war in a country near the Arabs (perhaps this one which started in 2000, between Palestinians and Israel, perhaps the one in Afganisthan). Putin allied to Muslims and a oriental people, Japan or China would make a war during near 3 years and half.
- The pole shift, which would happen near 2005 or perhaps even before. Please note the Inca, Maya and Asteca calender finish in 2012 for this reason, they believed the sun would die and natural disasters would happen and a new phase would begin. This is the end of the world or the end of one world.
- Some years of peace
- Some prophecies mention the AntiChrist, born from a Jewish woman after arriving at 30 years old, will make alliances with the most powerful leaders in the world and rule the world for 3 years and half. And this is why Hitler killed the Jews, to try to avoid this fulfillment as he wrote in his book "Mein Kampf". It's written "to avoid the fulfillment of the old Jewish prophecy, which says that the Jews will some day rule the whole earth, it is necessary to make a battle, although my constructive ideas..."

Some few prophets, as the Cure d'Ars, a French catholic priest called John-Mary Baptiste Vianney, said near 150 years ago there would be war in the years 1, 2, 3 and 4. Wiil the "Star Wars" militar program be a real Space Odissey or are you Americans intending to come to the Planet of Monkeys to save themselves? Did you see the second part? Will 2001 or 2002 answer? Ugh-Bugh!

Written and edited by
Fabio R. Araujo
August, 2006
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